Credit Insurance and Accounts Receivable Insurance

Submitting Your Business Credit Insurance Claim and Getting Paid

by Heather Smart Johnson The Ultimate Guide To Submitting Your Business Credit Insurance Claim & Getting Paid Your worst nightmare has come true – your biggest customer has not paid a substantial invoice. What are you going to do? Oh, wait. You have trade credit insurance for your business and this customer is covered by your policy. […]

Commercial Mortality Is As Certain As Human Mortality

by Joe Ketzner Commercial Mortality is Inevitable- Invest in Trade Credit Insurance Contemplation of which company has been in existance the longest? Research suggests that a Japanese construction company dating back to the 6th century is the oldest continuously operating commercial business in existence. The research conducted by folks much more intellectually gifted than me, develops […]

Trade Credit Insurance: Timing and When to Consider

by Joe Ketzner The “When”, “What”, and “Why” of Trade Credit Insurance Trade credit insurance: what is it and when to consider? The internet has enabled everyone access to information regarding the basic of trade credit insurance. Anyone who has responsibility over credit management will likely have invested some time and energy to the subject. […]

Competitive Advantage: Tales From The Streets

by Joe Ketzner Competition, Hard Lesson Learned How Trade Credit Insurance Drives Performance Competitive threats come in many forms. Product innovation, quality, service, delivery, and payment methodology are a sampling of a few such strategies which could alter the landscape of a business sector. Other threats are equally ominous and less obvious. All businesses are […]

Credit and Risk Assessment Process of the Trade Credit Insurance Underwriter

by Joe Ketzner Science and Art- Trade Credit Insurance Buyer Assessment Underwriting is Complex Trade Credit Insurance has been a commercially viable product since the mid-1800’s. However, the use of the word “insurance” provides little insight into the actual working of the services and products provided by these underwriters. The origins of the three global […]

Credit Manager

The Credit Manager: An Under Appreciated Asset by Joe Ketzner The Credit Manager: An Under-Appreciated Asset Ever wonder why the corporate credit manager always looks as though he/she needs a day off? Stress… Contemplate how many professionals hold the primary responsibility of driving a company’s top line while at the same time ensuring that each […]

Job Security

by Joe Ketzner Trade Credit Insurance – Changing the Perspective of the Credit Manager Trade credit insurance is often a misunderstood insurance and credit management tool, especially by many professional credit managers. For a half century, I have been engaging businesses with an expressed interest in understanding “what is credit insurance”; one of the toughest […]

Beyond Indemnification: The Cadillac Story

by Joe Ketzner Beyond Protection Against a Catastrophic Bad Debt Loss, Trade Credit Insurance is a Service Have you ever been involved in an automobile accident? Likely the answer is “yes” and equally as likely the experience dealing with the insurance company was not pleasurable.  What does this have to do with trade credit insurance, […]

The Mask For Businesses During COVID19

by Joe Ketzner The pandemic, the mask, and Trade Credit Insurance The world continues to debate the value and usefulness of a mask to stem the transmission of the Covid-19 virus even as vaccines and confirmed infections advance herd immunity. A comparable debate regarding the usefulness of trade credit insurance as a viable financial tool […]

Trade Credit Insurance Distribution Channels

by Joe Ketzner Finding the Right Trade Credit Insurance Partner begins with a Professional Intermediary Trade credit insurance, the process of getting started. Why, how and who should investigate the benefits and value of trade credit insurance prior to purchasing the product? Broker, agents, internet…. Many of the answers would depend on the needs of […]