Credit Insurance and Accounts Receivable Insurance

Credit Insurance and COVID 19

by Parker Freedman, President ARI Global, Inc. How does one manage credit during these unprecedented times? Carefully! I have been around credit departments since 1991 and received my credit insurance license in 1993. Since receiving my credit insurance license, I have sold credit insurance to small and large businesses. For over twenty years I have […]

Business Credit Insurance Glossary of Terms

by Heather Smart Johnson We define all the technical terms associated with business credit insurance, trade credit insurance, and accounts receivable insurance. Accounts Receivable: Money owed to your company by your customers. Coverage: The percent of the risk assumed by the insurance company — typically not to exceed 85% – 90% of the loss. Trade credit […]

Accounts Receivable Insurance For The Financial Protection of Your Business

by Trade Credit Insurance Credits or accounts receivables are often the most crucial asset of a business— especially in today’s economy. You just can’t afford to have your customers not pay the amounts they owe from your company! For this matter, business owners can’t help but question if Accounts Receivable Insurance eventually pays off? Let’s […]

Trade Credit Insurance FAQ

by Heather Smart Johnson Answers to questions about business credit insurance, trade credit insurance, and accounts receivables insurance. Q. Is business credit insurance the same as credit life or credit disability insurance? A. No. Credit life or credit disability insurance is obtained by individuals to help pay debts in case of loss of income. Business credit […]

Protecting Your Business In Times Of Uncertainty

by Heather Smart Johnson Protecting Your Business Credit & Accounts Receivables In Times Of Uncertainty The COVID-19 pandemic (also referred to as coronavirus disease 2019, 2019 novel coronavirus, and 2019-nCoV) has turned the world sideways — or at least it may feel that way. However, this pandemic is not the first time trade credit insurance has seen […]

What is Credit Insurance

by Heather Smart Johnson What Is Credit Insurance? Not to be confused with the consumer insurance product that covers debt payments in case of unforeseen circumstances such as illness, disability, job loss, or death, business credit insurance covers loans that companies give to other businesses in the form of trade credit, or the ability to pay for goods […]

Buying Business Credit Insurance

by Heather Johnson Buying Business Credit Insurance: The Ultimate Guide To The Who, What, And When Of Credit Insurance When we stop at the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread or a container of milk, we are offered multiple choices, giving us the freedom to pick the one that best meets our […]

Trade Credit Insurance Explained

by Heather Smart Johnson Trade Credit Insurance Explained Has your company ever paid for goods or services with a purchase order? If so, then you have used trade credit. Trade credit is the ability for a business to get goods or services from another business without paying immediately. Different industries have different variations of trade credit, […]

The Top 6 Best Practices For Faster Accounts Receivables Collections

by Heather Smart Johnson The Top 6 Best Practices For Faster Accounts Receivables Collections Accounts receivables refers to the money owed to your business by your customers. When the amount owed becomes past due, it is referred to as “collections.” Practices around collecting debts owed affect your company’s cash flow and can determine your ability to grow […]

Business Credit Insurance: The Truth About What Happens in The Underwriting Process

by Heather Smart Johnson  You want to protect your company’s accounts receivable and you know you need trade credit insurance. You’ve found a broker who has helped you get quotes from several insurance companies. After examining the proposed or estimated premiums, deductibles, co-insurance, and other policy features, you would like to move forward. What happens now? […]